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Making funeral arrangements can be a challenge for a family. So here at Turner's, we try to make the process easy. Our professionals are all licensed Pennsylvania funeral directors and they can assist your family with all the decisions and details so that the funeral will be special and meaningful. Turners also serves all faiths and races.

We offer Traditional Services with casket and burial. Usually includes visitation (1-2 days) with the funeral the following day. Committal services can be at the gravesite or the funeral home.

We also offer Cremation with a memorial service at great savings. The memorial service may be in church, our funeral home, or at the gravesite. Ashes may also be buried on the grave of a loved one-saving the cost of buying a grave, or ashes may be scattered or kept by the family.
We offer a full range of urns - from fiberglass and porcelain to wood and solid hardwood to marble and solid bronze in a whole range of costs. Direct cremation is the most economical of options. Families must give consent, and there is a 24 hour waiting period in Pennsylvania.
As to disposition of the ashes, some cemeteries like Slippery Rock Cemetery in Ellwood City offer niches to place your urn in a columbarium. Others wish to utilize ground burial of the cremated remains, many times in the gravespace of another loved one's cemetery lot.

In addition, we also offer Alternative Funeral Services such as renting the casket followed by cremation. The only difference between a funeral service followed by ground burial and one followed by cremation is that the remains are taken to the crematory instead of the cemetery. This allows the family to have the viewing, visitations, and traditional type of funeral with casket present.

With all these services Turners offers, we can customize your service to fit your needs and price range. We recommend that you personalize your service to exactly fit your lifestyle and your family's wishes. No two individuals are alike, and neither should all funerals be the same. We offer our quiet, separate arrangements room with adjoining selection rooms so you can make an informed decision while looking at your leisure at our selection list and price list.

Turners can customize your memorial folders to include color photographs. We also offer custom "Memorial Boards" to show snapshots of your family. In addition we offer several easels and other display options, such as tables, display cases, flag cases, and medal displays for veterans. Just another reason to choose Turners.

We offer our help in obtaining catering for the funeral meal, airline reservations, motel accomodations, car and limousine rental, memorials for the grave, temporary grave markers, automobile title transfers, and a free notary service for our families. We also arrange for free veterans' funeral ceremonies with formal flag folding, taps, and flag presentation.

Of course, all of this can be pre-planned also....please click below to learn about pre-planning!


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