At Turner-Myers, we pride ourselves on obtaining for all our families, ALL the benefits available. Most of these forms can be filled out and signed in our offices in New Castle or Ellwood City without leaving the office.
Social Security:

The Social Security Administration pays a lump sum death benefit to a surviving spouse of $255, provided the deceased spouse was

  • a wage-earner with enough quarters of work
  • living with the deceased at the time of death (if separated, must be for medical reasons)

We can apply for this benefit at our funeral home. For further information, see the Social Security Administration Web Site or more specifically the Social Security Administration's Survivors Benefits Site.
In addition, Social Security may pay for survivor benefits, dependent children, etc. We can help with these benefits as well.

  There have been cutbacks in some veterans' benefits and eligibility must be determined. Some are payable if the deceased was a "peacetime" veteran, others the deceased must qualify for "wartime" service. All veterans are entitled to a US Flag and a Federal grave marker if desired, instead of a private marker on an unmarked grave. See the Department of Veterans Affairs for more information.
  • Lawrence County will pay to the spouse of a "wartime" service veteran the amount of $100 if the veteran was a resident of the county. More information can be found at the Lawrence County Veterans Office or by calling them at (724) 656-2180.

  • Beaver County will pay to the spouse of a "wartime" service veteran the amount of $75 if the veteran was a resident of the county. Check the Beaver County Veterans Office for more information.

VA Burial:
  • For "wartime", honorably discharged veterans, there is a $300 benefit if the veteran qualifies.

  • Also, there is a $150 plot allowance if the veteran was in receipt of pension, or dies in a VA hospital or domicile.

  • In cases of a service-connected death of an honorably discharged veteran, there is a benefit of up to $1500. Please see the VA Web Site for details and eligibility.

Presidential Memorial Certificates:

Available for deceased, honorably discharged veterans. Please see the VA Web Site for more information

Federal Marker Program:
We can also assist you in obtaining a Federal marker for a veteran's grave, provided that the veteran is eligible, the grave is unmarked, and the Federal marker is preferred to a private monument. Please see the VA Web Site for details.
Other Benefits :

Turner's can assist you on obtaining the diverse benefits you're entitled to. We specialize in getting all the benefit help you're eligible for. We do:

  • Private insurance applications (MONY, Prudential, W-Southern, Liberty Mutual, etc)

  • Railroad Retirement

  • US Steel, Babcock & Wilcox Tubular Products Co, J&L Steel, Ellwood City Forge, Matthews Conveyor, etc. We do pension and life insurance claims.

  • Union benefits such as Teamsters, Steelworkers (USWA), etc.

  • Fraternal organizations such as Moose, Wimodausis, etc.

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